BEnefits of Having Helical Piers Installed

Explore these three benefits of having helical piers installed to learn why you need them if your building's foundation is failing or shifting.

Noticing their house is sinking into the ground can cause some homeowners to panic. If this applies to you, try not to panic too much—there’s no better solution to fix a failing foundation than with helical piers. Check out this blog to learn the three benefits of having helical piers installed on your property to understand how it can fix your foundation in days.

Long Term Solution

Helical piers are long screw-like poles connecting your house’s foundation to the sturdy foundational soil deep beneath the surface. They can get installed into new homes for preventive purposes and they can also get put underneath homes that are already sinking. Then, the houses can get raised and leveled. Helical piers are a long-term solution to steady your home even in poor soil.

Minimally Invasive

Every construction project you do on their home can affect other property features. When you work on the foundation with heavy machinery, it’ll tear up the topsoil. Therefore, helical piers are not only your most effective solution, but they’re also less invasive. The only area that needs to get excavated is the base area around where they’ll get installed. Their drill-like spiral means that they can get screwed into the ground without excess digging.

Quick Installation

When there is a problem with your foundation, you want to be able to fix it as soon as possible. Lingering concerns about your house's integrity can eat away at your anxiety, so a fast solution is typically preferred. Enter helical piers. Each pile can drill about 10 feet deep every five minutes. Residential projects can typically get done in one or two days. One day will be the preparation period. Since the installation is so fast, the majority of your time on this project will be spent getting city approval.

After checking out the three benefits of having helical piers installed, it's easy to see why so many homeowners turn to them in times of trouble. When you consider their stability along with the fact that they’re quick to install and minimally invasive, helical piers become a no-brainer solution to fixing any foundational issues. If you'd like a quote for your project, reach out to the helical distributors direct at Helical Pier Distributions.