3 Lesser-Known Applications for Helical Piers

Helical piers can provide foundational support in any soil type, making them highly versatile. Here are some applications for helical piers you may not know.

As mentioned in this blog before, the main function of helical piers is to add structural support in softer soil conditions. They’re easy to install and don’t require a large excavation project. Most importantly, their corkscrew design ensures that they stay solid for many years to come! But there are a whole host of solutions these products can offer. Here are three lesser-known applications for helical piers.

Water Construction and Structures

Any construction that takes place over or in water can benefit from the use of helical piers. The additional support they provide makes building seawalls, retention walls, docks, and boardwalks far easier. Finding a good anchor point at the floor level of a body of water isn’t easy. However, with the corkscrew configuration of these beams, you can effortlessly find the perfect spot underground to ensure stability. Most importantly, you can drill helical piers from above the surface, cutting down construction costs.

Raised Structure Construction

Helical piers are also great options for raised-structure construction. This includes decks that leave space underneath. You still want to maintain solid foundational support when building a raised deck, and helical piers help achieve this. They can effortlessly find anchor points to ensure your patio is safe and foundationally sound. Plus, this form of drilling doesn’t disrupt landscaping nearly as much as some alternatives, meaning your yard underneath the deck will remain visually appealing and functional.

Solar Panels

Solar panel fields rely on helical piers for better support and functionality. They offer a solid base for these large devices and prevent certain weather conditions, like storms or wind, from disrupting their structural integrity. Plus, the installation process is far more flexible, straightforward, and affordable, which is essential for people with massive solar fields.

As you can see, these lesser-known uses for helical piers showcase the versatility and durability of these corkscrew beams. Helical Pier Distribution is among the best Helical pier companies, and we are happy to help you and your pier installation requirements.