Benefits of Helical Piers in Solar Energy Solutions

Due to the size of a standard solar panel in a solar array, it’s important to give it the proper support and foundation that it needs to avoid damaging the precious paneling. Helical piers are perfect for providing secure support to solar panels without disrupting the earth below. Before you begin the installation of your foundation, learn the benefits of helical piers in solar energy solutions and how they’ll impact the longevity of your green, sunny energy.

Quick Installation for Instant Use

With concrete foundation, before you can put the panel to use you must wait for the concrete to set. In addition to the amount of time you’ll spend watching concrete dry, the perfect weather conditions are required along with the long, arduous drilling process. Helical piers require very little of the effort that concrete foundations demand. Because of their engineering, the installation process for a helical pier is quick and easy. Once the installation of your customized helical pier foundation is complete, you’ll be able to work with them immediately and set up your solar energy solution right away in any weather. This fast installation makes for a greener foundation as well, as it requires only the fossil fuels needed to deliver the product to your location—which is very fitting for the installation of your new green energy solution. There’s no need for heavy industrial equipment to install your secure, stable helical pier foundation.

Uplift Wind Resistance

Some of the most popular locations to place solar farms are also some of the windiest. Our premium helical piers for sale resist the updrafts produced by heavy gusts you can rest assured that your solar panels aren’t going anywhere. The screw-like installation of a helical pier uses the earth around it as a stabilizing force as it connects the solar panel to the solid ground deep below the surface. This engineering along with our high-quality steel manufacturing provides an intense resistance to wind and corrosion.

Install Solar Panels Anywhere with Helical Piers

Most importantly, helical piers are essential for forming a stable foundation in any soil condition. While concrete foundations aren’t as stable in poor soil conditions, helical pier foundations are custom fit and expertly engineered to reach the stable earth below shifting surface soil. This opens the possibility of a solar farm where the fear of unstable foundation was once a glaring issue. By mounting the solar panel’s bracket directly to the helical pier, you save yourself extra costs and work while building your solar energy solution. If you want to know more about the benefits of helical piers in solar energy solutions, contact the expert helical pier manufacturers at Helical Pier Distributions. We are a direct manufacturer. Our professional combined team of high-quality steel savants and knowledgeable engineers will answer any questions you may have while providing you with our in-house engineered customized helical piers for new construction projects.