Commercial vs. Residential Helical Pier Foundation Repair

In a commercial or residential property, foundation issues can cause severe hiccups. Repair foundation damage with helical piers for a quick, long-lasting fix.

Helical piers have their place in just about any type of foundation that you can think of. From homes to bridges and backyard sheds to massive warehouses, these strong pieces of galvanized steel keep families grounded and businesses running. Their uses for both residential and commercial properties are similar, but on different scales.

If you find yourself wondering what the differences are between commercial versus residential helical pier foundation repair, it’s important to consider the unique needs of both types of foundations. Helical piers are an essential addition to any residential or commercial property, especially when there’s faulty foundation.

Helical Piers on Commercial Property

Commercial properties can span vast acreage with multiple buildings, machinery, and holding tanks. It can be difficult pinpointing one area of structural damage, and replacing a broken foundation can be costly—not just because of the price tag, but also because of the time lost doing the foundational repairs.

With helical piers, you can pinpoint the exact location of the foundation damage and add extra support around the areas that need it most. The easy-to-install piers twist down into solid bedrock and tether your foundation to it through steel plates attached to the top. By spreading the weight of the foundation across multiple piers, it holds the building together despite bad soil and potential seismic activity. The lack of concrete during installation allows work to resume as soon as the installation is over.

Additionally, commercial property owners can build directly on the piers—connecting machinery, tanks, and bridges directly to the earthen supportive piers. There’s no better support beam than a strong steel helical pier that connects it directly to the bedrock far beneath the surface. Helical piers also work as tiebacks for retaining walls around the property.

Helical Piers on Residential Property

Structural damage on a residential property can disrupt livelihoods and cause big-ticket renovation projects. Noticing the signs of foundation damage early on, before they cause significant damage to the house, will allow the homeowner to repair it with more cost-efficient helical piers. Using helical piers in a home’s foundation will keep it safe for a lifetime.

Owners of lake houses find it common for the soil to slowly, gradually give out from under the house. Helical piers keep the home’s foundation attached to the bedrock—not dug into the shifting soil beneath the home. Not only do they work for the home itself, but they’re also perfect for docks and sheds too. The lack of concrete makes helical piers excellent in wet environments where concrete often struggles to set. Wherever you want your home, helical piers will keep it in place without disrupting the soil below.

Though there are different reasons behind commercial versus residential helical pier foundation repair, the premise and benefits remain the same for each. If you’re interested in utilizing helical piers for your next construction or foundation repair job, Helical Pier Distributions has high-quality helical piers for sale along with in-house engineers to help with the project.