Common Helical Pier Foundation Applications

Helical piers have many different jobs in unique industries. Whether you’re working on a house or a wind turbine, a helical pier will keep the structure sound.

Though helical piers hide out of sight beneath the earth, they have more practical uses in different types of foundations across the world than you may realize. These piers tackle the tough jobs that standard concrete foundations simply couldn’t do. To better understand the versatile functions of sturdy helical piers, learn about some of the most common helical pier foundation applications below.

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Foundations

Whether you’re starting construction on a new building or fixing the foundation of an existing building, helical piers can provide your team with the fast-acting foundation supports you need. Using galvanized steel helical piers for new construction will ensure the foundation never sinks. Helical piers dig below the unstable soil beneath a construction site to tether your foundation to a stable layer of sediment deeper within the ground.

In a foundation repair project, helical piers line up with the foundation’s existing supports to lift and stabilize it. A customized, galvanized steel helical pier isn’t affected by the natural corrosion of soil that can gall standard concrete foundations, meaning they’ll last underground for as long as the building above ground stands.

Solar and Wind Energy

If you’re setting up a green energy solution, you’ll want a green foundation solution to match. Because helical piers require so little time to set up and install, their carbon footprint remains low. In addition, the piers do not disturb the soil beneath or make the ground unstable, allowing massive solar panels or wind turbines to sit comfortably without any worry of a foundational disaster. When installing one of these green energy solutions in an area with unsuitable soil for concrete foundations, helical piers create a sturdy base even in arduous building locations.

Bridges, Docks, Boardwalks, and Elevated Walkways

Helical piers are an easy solution for any public walkway in a marshy or environmentally sensitive area. With their fast installation time, you can begin building the walkway right on top of the piers almost immediately. These common helical pier foundation applications are among the most visible and allow you to see their powerful structure as you walk along the walkway on top of them.

To adjust to the various heights and depths required to make a walkway even, an engineer will analyze the soil conditions to determine the custom structure required for each pier.


When you need to provide a structure with extra support against the strong forces of nature, a helical pier can act as a tieback to brace it. Retaining walls, sea walls, and leaning walls will get the support they need with help from a helical pier installation that reaches deep into the stable terrain below the earth’s surface.

No matter what your foundation project is across the United States, a helical pier foundation system will give you the longest-lasting, most unyielding results. When you’re searching for helical pier manufacturers for your next construction job, look no further than the experts at Helical Pier Distributions. With free shipping on all orders, our in-house team of engineers will customize your piers and supply you with the right piers for the job.