How Helical Piers Can Add Lasting Value to Your Home

Helical piers ensure long-term foundation stability despite shifting soils. Learn how helical piers can add lasting value to your home once installed.

If you're having foundational problems or are worried about shifting soil around your home, you might need to install helical piers to steady the building. Read on to learn how helical piers can add lasting value to your home by providing a permanent solution to your foundation issues.

Long Term Stability

Foundational problems are some of the worst things that happen to a home. As the soil shifts, the house's foundation will crack and splinter, and you’ll see the effects throughout the home. The chimney might detach, cracks might appear on exterior walls, and the once flat floors will become slanted. Besides addressing the problems when they arise, you need to put preventive measures in place to ensure they don't happen again.

Helical piers are that long-term solution. By digging and embedding themselves to the more stable rock beneath the topsoil that concrete foundations sit on, piers face decreased exposure to soil erosion. Even if the soil continues to shift, your house won't move with it. The life span of a helical pier is about 150 years, so you won't have to worry about the problem again in this lifetime.

Quick Results

Once you identify foundational problems, you should address them promptly. The longer you allow them to persist, the worse the issues become. Cracks become more prominent and levels get worse. Fixing your foundation is a time-sensitive issue. Luckily, helical piers are minimally invasive and you can install them within a few hours. However, you'll have to wait for city approval to get started on correcting your home.


Compared to the price of laying concrete, helical piers are an inexpensive option for foundational support. Fixing your foundation can also help you avoid overall property depreciation by providing long-term stability. Helical piers aren't like pools they don't provide a luxury amenity that increases your home's curbside appeal. Instead, they’re a reliable solution to a short and long-term problem that will save homeowners from future headaches.

Now that you understand how helical piers can add lasting value to your home, it should be a no-brainer to invest in them. If you believe that your home's foundation could benefit from their support, reach out to Helical Pier Distributions to speak directly with trusted helical pier manufacturers who can handle the installation, too.