?How Long Do Helical Piers Typically Last

Are you looking for a solution to foundation issues but want something that’ll be functional for years to come? We’ve spoken many times on this blog about the many benefits of helical beams, but now it’s time to answer an important question – how long do helical piers typically last?

A Long, Long Time

The simplest answer to how long helical piers last is an exceptionally long time. Depending on various environmental and process factors, your piers should remain functional for almost 150 years! This number can seem almost preposterous – these support beams will outlive the people in the building above them.

Thanks to a highly accurate and effective installation process, helical piers stay sturdy for decades, even as the surrounding soil shifts. Utilizing pressure, these beams can remain in place no matter the weight of the structure above. And galvanized shafts are better protected against rust and other wear and tear.

Environmental Factors

As mentioned before, certain issues can lower the typical 150-year lifespan of helical piers. The biggest one is environmental factors, specifically the quality and condition of the surrounding soil.

For example, installing these beams in rocky or extremely dense soils is challenging. As such, piers can sometimes bend and sustain damage over time when placed in these environments. Flooding can also cause shafts to rust, but galvanized beams are more resistant to this phenomenon.

Process Factors

Ultimately, high-quality piers will give you a better bang for your buck. Going through reputable helical distributors for your beams ensures a better product built to last. We at Helical Pier Distributions ensure that our helical shafts are made with the best practices and materials.

We provide excellent service, including placement, engineering, designing, and foundation evaluation to bolster your piers’ lifespan further. These factors alone help lengthen the optimum functionality of this foundational option!

150 years of functionality is a long time for any item, so it’s no surprise that many individuals choose helical piers as a suitable and valuable foundation method. Now that you know how long helical piers typically last, you can order yours here at Helical Pier Distributions!