The Benefits of Utilizing Helical Piers

The Benefits of Utilizing Helical Piers

Whether you’re repairing the foundation of a home or installing new industrial-grade solar panels, the use of helical piers should be an essential part of the job. Stabilizing the ground you work on is the most important part of creating a structure that stands up to your renovation or construction standards. When working on unstable earth, the benefits of utilizing helical piers outweigh nearly every quality of any alternative foundation stability solution. The advanced yet simple technology of helical piers will impress you again and again.

Helical Piers Go Deeper With No Excavation

The most challenging foundations are those built upon watery or sandy terrain that’s prone to shifting over time and other low-bearing soils. With helical pier foundation systems, your foundation connects to the most stable earth underneath the soft, surficial terrain. Before an installation, an expert will evaluate the soil conditions and provide the information to customize your helical pier foundation with the exact measurements necessary.

With many other pier support system, you’d need to invest in excavation for the pier’s installation. However, a helical pier requires no excavation, and the ground around the helical pier remains relatively undisturbed during the installation process.

Quick Installation, Anytime and Anywhere

Your time is limited during a remodel or construction project, which makes a helical pier system perfect for foundation support. On average, one pier takes about ten minutes to install however this can vary dependent on pier depth. Once installation is complete, you can begin building on top of the pier as soon as you’d like. There’s no concrete to set or excavation cleanup with helical piers—just the piers themselves screwed into the earth. Because helical pier foundations are so efficient at bearing loads, you’ll need fewer piers, which means you will lose less time and money than less-efficient options.

Additionally, helical pier installation can take place during any season and any weather, including the dead of winter.

Foundation Support That Doesn’t Hurt the Environment

With excavations and concrete, many support solutions cause serious structural damage to the stability of the earth below. One of the most important benefits of utilizing this type of pier is that they don’t use concrete or churn through dirt with excavations. The efficient engineering of a helical pier and its installation process will precisely drill into the ground without causing any disturbances, with little to no subterranean vibrations. It also means there will be no noise disturbances for neighbors or nearby communities.

With a feature that is unique to all structural support solutions, a construction crew can remove helical piers and move them if a change in plan design requires it. The green benefits and structural soundness that our helical piers and solar panel foundations provide will comfort you and your crew on any job site. If you’re in need of helical piers for sale or are looing to have them installed anywhere in the United States, contact our team at Helical Pier Distributions for a quick installation supported by professional soil and structural engineers.