The Difference Between Round and Square Shaft Helical Piers

Are you looking for extra support for your property? Here is the difference between round and square shaft helical piers and which option is best for you.

If you’re considering installing helical piers to better protect your building or home, it’s essential to understand what type of product is right for you. In truth, not all piers are built the same or function in a similar manner.

By knowing which variation is most suitable for your land, you can confidently ensure protection for your property. Learn the difference between round and square shaft helical piers.


The couplings are what connect different piers to one another. Most people assume that a tight connection is best for protecting a home, and in most instances, that is correct. Round piers feature couplings that fit snugly with other piers, allowing for a greater load-bearing capacity.

In some situations, you may need a looser fit, in which case square shaft piers are the better option. They feature couplings typically built from the same material as the pier and also have a socket and pin system. This allows for more flexibility as piers don’t need to be as straight. Usually, the best choice is square shaft designs, as round piers lack a superior load-bearing capacity.


Round shafts are more suitable for high amounts of torque, which comes in handy during the installation process. It’s easier to drive them deep under the surface, allowing for better resistance to torque. Additionally, this provides a more preferable load-bearing capacity.

This isn’t to say that square piers aren’t helpful traditionally, they’re used as anchors for tension applications. However, round shafts are better suited for more common compression applications to counteract downward pressure.


One issue that improper helical piers might face is bending. Over time, weight and outside factors like erosion may cause piers to deform, meaning they perform significantly worse. Quality square shaft piers will last a long time, but their smaller diameter makes them more vulnerable to these problems. Round shafts are usually greater in width than square products. This ensures that the durability of your piers remains exceptional for many years to come.

As you can see, the difference between round and square shaft helical piers is significant and worth understanding. If you’re struggling to figure out which option is best for you, consider reaching out to the professionals. When it comes to finding helical distributors, look no further than the excellent service of Helical Pier Distributions!