When you need to rely on helical piers for your foundation construction or repair project, you should pick the best manufacturer to handle the job. A poor manufacturer can produce shoddy work, which can hurt your image and even endanger your client. By carefully evaluating these essential things to consider before choosing a helical pier manufacturer, you’ll ensure that you install long-lasting, high-quality piers for a foundation that holds together even in the most difficult conditions.

Does the Manufacturer Have in-House Engineering?

If the entirety of your helical pier construction takes place within the same company, you’ll experience less of a chance of something going wrong during the manufacturing process. All parts of the process should take place under the same metaphorical roof—from the initial soil evaluation to the final product. The manufacturer you choose should understand this and have in-house soil engineers, structural engineers, and certified welders for every project.

Does the Manufacturer Use High-Quality Materials?

Without excellent materials, helical piers may not provide the best support for a foundation or structure. They also may not last as long as a helical pier should. During installation, faulty materials can bend or break under pressure.

Your helical pier manufacturer should use the best quality steel and construct their piers with precision. There shouldn’t be more welds than necessary, and inspectors should ensure that the product is high-quality before the manufacturer sends it out.

Can the Manufacturer Offer Technical Support?

Not everyone has used a helical pier for their projects before—sometimes, you may need extra help even after receiving your piers. The manufacturer knows the most about the product, from start to finish they’re the best people to rely on if you need help during the installation process.

A reliable helical pier manufacturer will support you during and after the installation with any problems you encounter. They may also offer to send a structural engineer to oversee the installation if you need extra help.

At Helical Pier Distributions, LLC, we go beyond your expectations when thinking of things to consider before choosing a helical pier manufacturer. In addition to the above points, we also offer free shipping nationwide. If you’re searching for helical piers for sale from a manufacturer that cares about its customers and projects, contact us.