Top 5 Common Applications of Helical Piers

There are many projects that need extra support for their foundation, which is why there are so many applications of helical piers in construction.

Helical piers are powerful tools in the right circumstances, which give great stability to structures and foundations. Stability becomes even more important when these foundations are over unsteady ground. The piers stabilize the foundation because they are installed deep into the ground. To better understand how useful helical piers are, here are 5 common applications.

Decks and Patios

Coastal homes often sit on unsteady ground because of the proximity to water, which can be a problem for people who want to install additions to their homes. A lot of decks and patios use helical piers for support in coastal homes.

Industrial and Agriculture

Agricultural and industrial buildings often have a large surface area, which puts a lot more strain on their foundations. Helical anchors can help support these buildings even if they start swaying or sit on poor-quality ground.

Solar and Wind Energy

There are many places that are ideal for solar and wind energy structures that don’t have good support for normal buildings. That’s why these industries work with helical distributors to build great buildings in the optimal places for energy generation.

Strengthening Towers

Towers and tall buildings often struggle with steady foundations as there’s just too much weight to balance on a compact base. That’s where helical piers can be very useful as they can stabilize these buildings without widening the foundation.

Temporary Underground Work

Helical piers and anchors see a lot of use in brief underground work, like excavations, as supports. These projects risk collapses, but piers and anchors can strengthen the walls and prevent cave-ins to keep workers safe while they excavate underground. That’s why underground work is a common use for helical piers.

These are just a few industries and uses for helical piers, with many other construction projects relying on these piers to support their projects. It doesn’t matter what the project is, as long as you can find stabilizing ground underneath the foundation and need support, these helical piers are going to help.